Wedding of Mike & Jenny -Love By The Numbers-

Mike and Jenny’s wedding was a great experience.  When we first arrived, Jenny was still getting her hair done, so it gave us time to spend with the groom, get pictures of the details, and get a feel for how everything was set up.

When she did get there, her mom and sister quickly helped her get in her dress and she looked in the mirror to see herself for the last time as an unmarried woman.  She had pretended many times as a little girl that she was getting married, and now this day had finally come!

Mike was also excited as he got ready, each piece calculated as only an accountant could do.

Tears were shed as the two sisters enjoyed this moment that they had waited for since they were little.

The moment right before a bride walks down the aisle is one of my favorite times during a wedding.  It is what I call a “pregnant moment.”  It is the almost but not quite yet point of the wedding where she is about to shed her old life and enter into this new one, where the two are finally made into one.

Mike’s reaction to Jenny was unparalleled.  He openly wept as he saw his beautiful bride walk down the aisle.

Her flower girls came behind her, all pretty in their own white dresses.

Jenny couldn’t have been more overjoyed to see her groom.

They listened solemnly at first, then laughed as the message was brought.

Worship is a very important part of their lives, and it was foundational to the rest of the ceremony.

Once the ceremony was over, Jenny was a natural in front of the camera.

One of the shots that she was most excited about was a generational photo of their parents and them all kissing.  It was because of their strong marriages that it inspired them to have the same.

Their love for one another was apparent in every single shot.

We always love having fun with the bridal party, and The Kemper Center‘s grounds were a perfect spot to do this.

One of our favorite places to go within the Kemper Center is up in the unfinished parts above the gymnasium and other parts of Kemper.  Such a beautiful way of marking their day.

Their reception in the gymnasium was gorgeous.  All of the natural light streaming through the windows makes for great photos.

They stole a moment just before being introduced to pose under the gazebo where she would often pray as she was out running in the weeks before her wedding.

Her cake was gorgeously laden with flowers.

Instead of the traditional clinking of glasses, the guests were encouraged to sing a love song to get them to kiss.

The maid of honor’s speech was beautifully illustrated to make her points clear.

Overall, we had a wonderful, refreshing day with the two of them.  Mike and Jenny are a wonderful couple, and we wish them many amazing years to come!