The Beginning Of Light

So this winter Lindsey & I decided to invest in some studio time and play around with our fancy lighting. We feel these photos are a glimpse of whats to come from us. Here are the results. Sarah Optaz was our fantastic model.

Project Blend

So here is session I’ve never completely posted. I LOVE doing projects because they give me limitless freedom to do something I usually wouldn’t have the time to do in a normal session. For Blend we went to Atlanta Georgia and worked with our wonderful friend Alicia Corbitt​. I titled this session Project Blend, because the many colors of her life at the time blended together into one beautiful tapestry.

Project Breakthrough

One of the things that I love as a photographer is to do stylized bridal shoots. The idea behind this is that, apart from the wedding day, I take the bride in her dress and get some amazing photos without any pressure. This is exemplified by this shoot that I did with Ashley a couple years ago. I was just venturing into this idea and I ended up calling it project breakthrough because I felt that I truly broke through barriers that had been holding me back. This year, as we have been talking through wanting to do more bridal sessions, I kept going back to Ashley’s shoot. So, here they are, reedited for 2015 with Ashley Valdes in Acworth, Georgia.